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Formula: C20H25N3O  IUPAC ID: (6aR,9R)- N,N- diethyl- 7-methyl- 4,6,6a,7,8,9- hexahydroindolo- [4,3-fg] quinoline- 9-carboxamide  Molar mass: 323.43 g/mol  Melting point: 80 °C  CAS ID: 50-37-3

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Buy 1B-LSD 125mcg Blotters is a promising new Lysergamide belonging to the ergoline family of compounds, which includes LSD. 1B-LSD is 1P-LSD with the mass of the butanoyl group increased. Report results indicate that 1B-LSD is structurally similar to LSD-25. The chemical structure of 1B-LSD differs from LSD by having a butanoyl group on the nitrogen atom in the indole ring. Following a few studies, 1B-LSD is showing to produce some promising results. However, the limited amount of research done on this compound opens up the opportunity for new researchers to report and have their analysis acknowledged by a broad audience eagerly waiting to hear of new experimental findings. Buy 1B-LSD 150mcg Blotters, Buy 1B-LSD Blotters and Buy LSD Blotters

What is 1B-LSD 125mcg Blotters | 1B-LSD150mcg Blotters

1B-LSD stands for 1-Butanoyl-d-lysergic acid diethylamide. This chemical falls into the lysergamide class. It is known for its psychedelic properties, and its similarities to the famous psychedelic chemical, LSD. 1B-LSD is so similar to LSD that many chemical researchers say that the research findings for both chemicals are almost identical. 1B-LSD is believed to be a potent agonist of the serotonin receptors in the brain.

1B-LSD is a very new research chemical and has only been available since the year 2018. However, preliminary experiments have yielded results of stimulation, physical euphoria, color enhancement, hallucinations, drifting, symmetrical texture repetition, transformations, analysis enhancement, conceptual thinking, increased music appreciation, and time distortion. Making sure your safety goggles are on during 1B-LSD experiments because these experiments can be intense.

Where to Buy 1B-LSD Blotters?

1B-LSD Blotters can be purchased right here on the Psychetrips website. We sell premium quality 1B-LSD Blotters, typically in blotters. However, we often have other forms available, so feel free to call us to see if we have your preferred form in stock. You must be at least 18 years old to buy 1-B LSD Blotters from US, Canada, Europe and Worldwide. You must also be in full legal compliance with the laws of your nation.

Microdosing 1B-LSD Blotters

How can microdosing help you change habits, enhance creativity, and optimize performance?

Microdosing shifts neural patterns, putting you in touch with your most profound sense of self.

Whether you want to relieve anxiety, climb out of depression, or discover a new well-spring of motivation and creativity, microdosing psychedelics is one of the most versatile, safe, and powerful tools we have.

And now, in the post-pandemic world of isolation, disconnection, and excessive anxiety, we need these tools of empowerment more than ever.

A well-structured microdosing protocol helps you go deeper within, integrate challenging emotions, and open up to our highest capacities.

Enhanced neural connectivity from microdosing leads to several consistent and repeatable benefits, including:

  • Improved Mood – Peacefulness, overall well-being, calmness, happiness.
  • Improved Focus – Ability to concentrate and enhanced self-awareness.
  • Creativity – Being more open, enhanced curiosity, ability to shift perspectives, and divergent thinking.
  • Self-Efficacy – Ambition, self-motivation, self-confidence, and a sense of agency.
  • Improved Energy – Mental stimulation, wakefulness, and alertness.
  • Social Benefits – Empathy, a greater sense of connection, and more extroversion.
  • Cognitive Benefits – Mental clarity, better memory recall, and an improvement in problem-solving ability.
  • Reduced Anxiety – Reduction in both general and social anxiety.
  • Physiological Enhancement – Enhanced visual acuity, cardio endurance, reduction of migraines , and higher quality of sleep

Effects of 1B-LSD 125 mcg Blotters | 1B-LSD 150 mcg Blotters

The effects of 1B-LSD blotters vary. I rarely hallucinate on LSD, but always see warping images and very vibrant, glowing colors. A feeling of synesthesia, or of sensory inputs mixing with each other, is also likely. For instance, while tripping, I once realized I had been masticating and moving my fingers while watching the sunset. I really could taste and feel the texture in the red, orange, and blue colors of the sky.

There is a very cerebral aspect of an 1B-LSD blotters trip, as well. You will think differently, almost as if you have another personality. LSD trips get very introspective and insightful. But taking acid won’t guarantee that you will gain wisdom. Sometimes, you might only experience the feeling of realization, without truly realizing anything at all. It’s very common to think you are on to some huge breakthrough, only to completely lose it.

However, it’s also common to gain some real insights. During one trip, I started thinking about a personal problem that was bothering me at the time. I realized that I shouldn’t avoid thinking about it and that I could confront this issue while tripping. Before allowing myself to grow too anxious, I pictured the problem as a knot. I thought of all the compounding factors bothering me, and I imagined all the worst case scenarios. The knot grew and tightened. And then, I simply untied the knot and felt at ease. I still use this method in my daily life when I get caught up in anxiety.

People who have used LSD likely have at least one experience like my insight about anxieties and knots. Perhaps this phenomenon can be explained by examining how 1B-LSD blotters affects the brain. Thanks to recent groundbreaking studies and brain scans, scientists have seen that LSD diverts brain activity away from our “default mode network”, which is associated with memories and our sense of self. At the same time, LSD increases brain activity in other areas that usually don’t see as much brain activity.

What 1p LSD Bottlers Looks Like

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1B LSD Bottlers

1B-LSD is a molecule of the lysergamide family. It is similar to LSD and is named for the propionyl group bound to the nitrogen of the polycyclic indole group of LSD. Propionyl consists of the carbonyl chain CH3CH2CO- bound to an amino group. 1B-LSD is homologous to ALD-52, which holds an acetyl group bound to the nitrogen instead of the propionyl group bound at the same location. The structure of 1B-LSD contains a polycyclic group featuring a bicyclic hexahydro indole bound to a bicyclic quinoline group. At carbon 8 of the quinoline, an N,N-diethyl carboxamide is bound.


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    Why buy LSD when this is available? It’s great.

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