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Formula: C23H29N3O2, Purity: 99,7% min, Molecular weight: 379.504, Appearance: 9mm Blotter, Active Ingredients: 1P-LSD L-tartrate. Other Ingredient(s): Soy based ink, 200 gsm blotting paper

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1P-LSD 125mcg Blotters For Sale | 1P-LSD 150mcg

1P-LSD 125mcg Blotters For Sale, 1-Propionyl-lysergic acid diethylamide (commonly known as 1P-LSD or 1P-LAD) is a novel semi-synthetic psychedelic substance of the lysergamide chemical class that produces “classical psychedelic” effects reported to be near-identical with those of LSD when administered. Like ALD-52, it is principally theorized to act as a prodrug for LSD, not exerting any activity until it has been converted into LSD after entering the body, although there is ongoing speculation that it might possess some intrinsic activity in its own right. 1P-LSD 150mcg, LSD Bottlers for Sale, Buy LSD Bottlers Online

What is 1PLSD 125mcg Blotters For Sale | 1P-LSD 150mcg 

The psychedelic drug (or entheogen) lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) was first synthesized on November 16, 1938 by the Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann in the Sandoz (now Novartis) laboratories in Basel, Switzerland. It was not until five years later on April 19, 1943, that the psychedelic properties were found.

The structural resemblance 1P-LSD shares with LSD suggests an extremely similar effect profile, with perhaps the only significant differences stemming from variations in the rate of absorption, duration, metabolism, and excretion of the compound (i.e. its pharmacokinetic factors). Due to the lack of research relating to this substance, all following discussion relating to its pharmacology is purely based on its structural and subjective effect similarities to LSD and other designer lysergamides.

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During the 1960s and early 1970s, the drug culture adopted LSD as the psychedelic drug of choice, particularly amongst the hippie community. However, LSD dramatically decreased in popularity in the mid-1970s. This decline was due to negative publicity centred on side-effects of LSD use, its criminalization, and the increasing effectiveness of drug law enforcement efforts, rather than new medical information. The last country to produce LSD legally (until 1975) was Czechoslovakia; during the 1960s, high-quality LSD was imported from the communist country to California, a fact appreciated by Leary in The Politics of Ecstasy.

Victor James Kapur had the first known home grown UK ‘acid lab’. Up to then, all LSD had been imported from the U.S. or was remnant produce of Sandoz before it stopped producing LSD. In 1967, Kapur was caught distributing 19 grams of crystalline LSD and subsequently the police raided both of his laboratories. One was in the back room of Kapur’s chemist shop and another, larger one, was in a garage he rented from a friend of his brother-in-law.

A second group was busted in 1969. A lab in Kent, and a flat in London were raided simultaneously and quantities of equipment and LSD seized along with the two men who had been making the LSD, Quentin Theobald and Peter Simmons.

The availability of LSD had been drastically reduced by the late 1970s due to a combination of governmental controls and law enforcement. The supply of constituent chemicals including lysergic acid, which was used for production of LSD in the 1960s, and ergotamine tartrate, which was used for production in the 1970s, were placed under tight surveillance and government funding for LSD research was almost completely eliminated. These efforts were augmented by a series of major busts in England and Europe. One of the most famous was “Operation Julie” in Britain in 1978, named after the first name of the female drug squad officer involved; it broke up one of the largest LSD manufacturing and distribution operations in the world at that time, headed by chemist Richard Kemp. The group targeted by the Julie task force were reputed to have had links to the mysterious The Brotherhood of Eternal Love and to Ronald Stark.

Effects of 1P-LSD Bottlers | LSD Bottlers for Sale

The psychological effects of LSD can be divided into three main categories: positive, neutral, and negative. At low to moderate dose amounts, it’s more common to have a positive or neutral experience. As the dose size increases, however, so does the possibility of experiencing negative psychological effects.


  • Increase in associative and creative thinking
  • Closed and open-eye visuals
  • Ego dissolution
  • Sense of unity and connectedness to other life forms
  • General sense of euphoria
  • Life-changing spiritual experiences


  • Change in consciousness
  • Lost track of time
  • Lack of focus
  • Unusual thoughts and speech
  • Range of emotions

Negative (many of these are associated with a ‘bad trip’):

  • Paranoia
  • Anxiety
  • Fear of death
  • Overwhelming feelings

New research on LSD safety

As cultural values begin to shift, research into LSD’s therapeutic and non-therapeutic potential is growing. Recently, The Beckley Foundation raised money through a crowd-funded campaign to begin to investigate the effects of LSD on the brain. The latest study involved giving 20 volunteers a small dose of LSD and then using MRI and MEG imaging to show how it affects brain processes. The researchers believe LSD may reduce blood flow to the brain’s control centers, dampening their activity, which ultimately enhances brain connectivity. It’s thought that this increase in brain connectivity, or “entropy,” gives rise to the creative and unique thought patterns associated with the psychedelic experience, and could even be responsible for feelings of ego dissolution.

In 2015, a large study (~130,000 people) conducted in the US found no association between psychedelic use and mental health disorders, psychological distress, suicidal thoughts, depression, and anxiety.

What 1p LSD Bottlers Looks Like

Buy 1P LSD Bottlers
1P LSD Bottlers

1P-LSD is a molecule of the lysergamide family. It is similar to LSD and is named for the propionyl group bound to the nitrogen of the polycyclic indole group of LSD. Propionyl consists of the carbonyl chain CH3CH2CO- bound to an amino group. 1P-LSD is homologous to ALD-52, which holds an acetyl group bound to the nitrogen instead of the propionyl group bound at the same location. The structure of 1P-LSD contains a polycyclic group featuring a bicyclic hexahydro indole bound to a bicyclic quinoline group. At carbon 8 of the quinoline, an N,N-diethyl carboxamide is bound.

1P-LSD Bottlers for sale
  1P-LSD Bottlers for sale

Microdosing Of 1P LSD Blotters For Sale

Experts in this area suggest different microdosing regimens, but our microdosing course follows James Fadiman’s system. Fadiman recommends taking a microdose once every three days: Take a microdose on Day 1. Then, do not take a microdose on Day 2 or Day 3. On Day 4, take another microdose.

microdosing lsd

Continue this process for several weeks.

Paul Stamets recommends a different microdosing protocol—though his method is specifically for psilocybin. He suggests taking a microdose every day for five days, then taking two days off to avoid building up a tolerance.

For most people, morning is the best time because the beneficial effects will last throughout the day without interfering with sleep. It’s also helpful to take daily notes in a journal to observe the effects throughout this process and adjust accordingly—or just notice the positive changes.

It’s also important to follow your usual routine while microdosing. The purpose is to enhance your day-to-day existence by integrating microdoses into your routine, so don’t change what you normally do. However, when you try microdosing for the first time, take a day off from work and social commitments. This will give you a chance to notice any unusual effects before microdosing in a more public situation.
While it may seem like you would only feel the effects of the microdose on the days you actually take it, try to observe the effect on the two days between doses, too. Many people perceive increased feelings of flow, creativity, and energy the day after they microdose in addition to the day of microdosing.

Microdosing every day is not recommended. Because your body produces a tolerance to LSD, you might see diminishing returns after a few days if they are taken every day. This is why Fadiman suggests leaving a couple of days between each dose. Plus, the fact that positive effects can sometimes be felt many days after a microdose is a good reason to space out your doses.

Another downside to microdosing every day is normalizing a very potent substance. You can compare it to the use of coffee for productivity purposes. When you drink coffee every day, over time you need to increase the dose to get the same effect. Within a couple of months, one cup turns into two, three, or four cups. It is best to leverage microdosing as an occasional advantage, rather than a consistent go-to like coffee.

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