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Albino Penis Envy Mushrooms Dosage

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Full Experience: 2.5 Grams to 4 Grams

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Albino Penis Envy Mushrooms

Albino Penis Envy Psilocybe Cubensis its one of the most popular researched strains on our website.  Typically the Albino Penis Envy Mushroom is small, and slow growing, but EXTREMELY potent.  In nature, it’s an interesting way to chalk up a conversation – “hey, what’s that sticking out of the ground?” – known for it’s unmistakable resemblance to the male reproduction organ.

Included with each syringe purchase:

  1. One 10cc  syringe.
  2. One sterile 16 gauge needle per syringe purchased and an alcohol prep pad.

Among some of the oddest fungi to come through the Magic Myco Lab of late is the A.P.E strain. I received this culture from explore fungi  awhile back and it took quite a bit of work to clean it up and get an isolate that gave me nice specimens. This crop is actually from a mono culture and is being used in current hybrid projects. Albino Penis Envy (APE) is a very unique strain of Psilocybe Cubensis.

Cap & Gills of an A.P.E mushroom under the Andonstar 302 Stage MicroscopeCap & Gills of an A.P.E mushroom under the Andonstar 302 Stage Microscope

This mushroom is a hybrid of the infamous Penis Envy, and Albino PF, and is extremely potent. However, this mushroom does not produce as well as other strains of Cubensis. The mushrooms tend to be small but very plump in stature, and slow to mature. The spores are hardest to harvest, as the caps rarely show their gills, and the spores are transparent .

APE is known best as a “novelty mushroom.” If you can get a Live culture or clone from a nice cluster, or another mycologist, it will produce a much a better crop. Growth parameters are the same as any Psilocybe Cubensis, but this mushroom does not do well on cakes. It does best in a bulk application. Either with casing or wax paper Tek.

A.P.E cluster bomb
A.P.E cluster bomb
Gills & Transparent Spores
Gills & Transparent Spores

Very short and Dense like this plumper
Very short and Dense like this plumper
The King Kong of Cubensis
The King Kong of Cubensis
From A.P.E & P.E. mixed monotote
From A.P.E & P.E. mixed monotote

How to grow Albino Penis Envy Mushrooms| Albino Penis Envy Mushrooms how to grow

If you want to learn how to grow magic mushrooms in bulk, that is cost effective, and easy, then you have just found the best source of information on the internet! Although this tek is primarily geared towards learning how to grow psilocybin mushrooms (psychedelic mushrooms, hallucinogenic mushrooms, shrooms, whatever you want to call them), you can use this tutorial to learn how to grow several edible and medicinal species of mushrooms. You will need to read this whole page, probably more than once, so bookmark it! I hope you just read that. :)


On this page I will walk you through a few of the most popular techniques people have use to learn for many years. There are more ways than just the three most popular that you will find on this page, but if you want to learn how to grow shrooms, these are the best there are for practicality, quality, potency, and total yield.

Before you begin you will need mushroom spores or cultures to grow your shrooms with (if you have no idea what “magic mushrooms” are, the most common one is psilocybe cubensis. This is a tek for growing psilocybe cubensis mushrooms mainly as they are easy, but others can be grown with this). Don’t get ripped off because you can find a website that sells them dirt cheap! Buy from reputable quality vendors, and you will get quality products. I cannot stress how important it is to obtain quality spores from a quality source.

 Penis Envy Shroom Potency | psilocybin mushroom potency

As referenced over, the Albino Penis Envy shroom is very intense. This is brought about by a couple of things. To start with, the Albino takes longer than different species in the Psilocybe Cubensis family to develop. This more extended development period eventually means more creation of the stimulating compound of psilocybin. Furthermore, the albinism in this types of shrooms causes a more elevated level of power.

Effects  Penis Envy magic mushroom

Pale skinned person Penis Envy shrooms cause a significant number of similar impacts that other trippy shrooms cause. The general excursion will occur in four distinct stages: ingestion, the beginning of the outing, the outing and the defeat. Albeit most enchantment mushroom s cause these four primary stages, the term of each stage is firmly connected to the kind of mushroom and what amount is ingested.

The Albino Penis Envy may cause numerous beneficial outcomes, for example, lovely visual mind flights, upgraded temperament.

and imagination, diminished degrees of stress, expanded thankfulness for workmanship and music, a feeling of generally speaking substance

and satisfaction, contemplation and then some. They will probably additionally cause some physiological impacts, for example, student enlargement, an adjustment in pulse and circulatory strain and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. In spite of the fact that these impacts are

pervasive among practically all types of enchantment mushroom s.

it normally takes an a lot littler portion for them to be knowledgeable about the Albino Penis Envy since it is a particularly intense strain.

The Albino Penis Envy may likewise cause some negative symptoms that incorporate cerebral pain, tipsiness, sickness, powerlessness to control engine capacities.

inconvenience zeroing in on psychological undertakings, bewilderment and disarray, and so on.

 Penis Envy mushroom Benefits

The Albino Penis Envy has numerous possible advantages, as its outing may cultivate improved state of mind, diminished degree of stress and sentiments of joy. Be that as it may, there is no recorded proof of advantages, just episodic cases. In any case, research on enchantment mushroom s has gotten progressively mainstream over the previous decade and researchers around the globe are concentrating how these mushroom s might be utilized to help treat indications of some ailments.

Instructions to Take Albino Penis Envy Shrooms

Pale skinned person Penis Envy shrooms are generally taken in mushroom tea or just eaten entirety. To take them in tea, bubble 1.5-2 cups of water, include your dried trippy shrooms.

decrease the water to a stew and permit the shrooms to soak in the water for 10-15 minutes. When the mushroom s are finished soaking, strain the tea and drink with no guarantees or add a tea sack to improve the flavor.

Pale skinned person Penis Envy Dosage

Since Albino Penis Envy mushroom s are assessed to be very nearly multiple times more powerful than a normal.

respectably intense strain of Psilocybe Cubensis, the measurements are a lot littler. For an amateur, 0.7 grams is sufficient. For more experienced clients, 1-1.5 grams will get the job done. Anything else than 1.5 grams is an amazingly huge portion for this strain of mushroom s.

Likewise, in light of the fact that everybody’s digestion and physiology are unique.

utilizing an online dose adding machine to get a more exact measurements is suggested. The measurements above are summed up and don’t take body weight, physiology and different variables into thought. If all else fails, go with a littler portion to evade likely negative symptoms.

Last Thoughts

Pale skinned person Penis Envy mushroom s are mainstream for their incredibly significant level of intensity.

and their capacity to cause a glad, enduring excursion. They are desired by numerous individuals in the enchantment mushroom s network.

as a little portion frequently brings about a sensational trippy experience.

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6 reviews for Albino Penis Envy Mushrooms

  1. Andreya

    Ooowwweeee…these are amazing ! I was a little sceptical getting mushrooms online. Although I don’t know why because I have yet to be disappointed with the bud from here. If you want shrooms with a potent lasting high then don’t hesitate with these. Simply amazing .

  2. Luke

    Very good spore needle. Item exactly as described!

  3. Alexandre

    ’m happy with the spore kit it’s dark and cloudy with spores

  4. Ivy

    Your service is excellent. My order was filled on time, and promply shipped. The syringe came packed with spores and in a cute ziploc bag that fit the syringe and pre packages sterile needle. Thank you very much.

  5. Owen

    Got a notification they were sent out the day I ordered and they arrived very quickly! Thanks

  6. Scarlett

    fantastic. good visuals, happy, body buzz. slept like a baby after. highly reccomend

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