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African Transkei is a magic mushroom strain that derives its name from its origin, the Transkei Region of the Southeastern cape of South Africa. This strain whose genetics are still a mystery has a THC content of 10%. It is consumed by the local breeders (the Xhosa tribe) in the forms of fluids infused in tea, chewing it raw, and smoking it for medicinal, spiritual and recreational purposes.

African Transkei yields dense, slender, rock-hard, lime-green buds that sparkle with crystals and covered by red and orange hairs. During blossom, the buds of African Transkei emit a pungent, mild citrus and sour grapefruit with some tones of earth fragrance. When burnt, the buds of African Transkei produce smooth smoke with a minty and citrusy taste that will give you a mind buzz and induce an energetic, focused, uplifting, and happy feeling.

The high from the African Transkei is something out of this world. While not regarded as the most spiritually enlightening mushroom, the visuals produced from this strain constitute an absolute firework show: a stunning combination of tracers, lights, and geometric patterns, moving and building on one another in a mesmerizing choreography, it truly has to be experienced to be appreciated. It is one of the most visually evocative highs you are ever likely to experience.

Sometimes called the SATs, the South African Transkei Cubensis shrooms provide a light-twinkling, skin-tingling experience, whether you’re dancing during the energetic come-up, or melting into a fit of the giggles and the resulting cuddle puddle.

South Africa Transkei Spores

South Africa Transkei Spores mushrooms and their spores are also some of the most sought after psilocybe cubensis magic mushrooms ever found.  Spores from the South Africa Transkei Spores mushroom are available here at because you asked for them! Find both mushroom spore syringe and also mushroom spore prints. This psilocybe cubensis magic mushroom was first discovered on a farm growing in a pile of dung and straw as its mushroom substrate in the Transkei region of South Africa. There is no psilocybin or psilocin contained within magic mushroom spores, making them completely legal to purchase and posses in most jurisdictions throughout the USA. As well as make sure to check your local laws before ordering. The original South Africa Transkei Spores mushroom spores’ genetics from the true South Africa Transkei Spores psilocybe cubensis mushrooms from Transkei – South Africa are brought to you by, the leader in mushroom spores.

How to Grow Africa Transkei Magic mushrooms

African Transkei thrives in both indoor and outdoor settings and prefers a hot and dry climate. The plants grow sturdy, tall, and branchy, thus highly recommended for outdoor cultivation. This weed strain takes long to flower. In indoor gardening, this strain takes about 14 weeks to flower and yields an average of 12 ounces per square meter of crop. African Transkei blooms by mid-October outdoors and produces approximately 14 ounces per plant. The strain is relatively easy to cultivate and highly resistant to common crop diseases.

Key Facts

  • Genetics: The parents of African Transkei are unknown. This marijuana strain is indigenous to the Transkei region of the Southeastern cape of South Africa.
  • The High: African Transkei has a meditative high with an energetic, inspiring, focused, and happy feeling.
  • Hybrid Ratio: 100% Sativa
  • THC Levels: 10%
  • Grow Information: It is relatively easy to grow both indoors and outdoors, the crop grows up to 4 meters tall and flowers after 12 weeks indoors and by mid-October outdoors. Indoor farmers harvest about 12 ounces from every square meter of plant, and their outdoor counterparts collect approximately 14 ounces from every plant. This marijuana strain is highly resistant to mould and mildew.

African Transkei Magic Mushroom Description

The towering, green, and stout African Transkei plants produce dense, bright green, slender, and rock-hard buds generously sprinkled with sparkling crystals and covered with red and orange pistils. These buds fill the air with a mixture of pungent, citrus, grapefruit, and earthy fragrance during bloom. When burnt, these buds produce smooth smoke that leaves a blend of citrus and menthol taste on your lips after exhalation making you yearn for more.

Magic Mushroom Effects

African Transkei hits you with a natural and boundless cerebral buzz followed by a fresh, energizing, motivating, uplifting, and meditative feeling that lasts up to four hours. This unique feeling makes this Cannabis sacred to the local breeders. However, the strain does not cause dizziness or drowsiness like other Marijuana strains, therefore suitable for daytime use.

Shroom Grow Information

African Transkei is appropriate for indoor and outdoor farming however, the plants grow tall and branchy and therefore recommended for outdoor cultivation when indoor growth is avoidable. This Cannabis strain thrives in a hot and dry outdoor climate. The flowering period of African Transkei takes 14 weeks indoors and by mid-October indoors. The average harvest indoors is 12 ounces per square meter of crop and 14 ounces per plant in outdoor cultivation. This Marijuana strain is relatively easy to cultivate and highly resistant to common crop diseases and drought.

Medical Uses

SAT treats chronic physical and mental health distresses. This Kush strain treats chronic depression, anxiety disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorders. It encourages you to feel more positive and inclines your thoughts on bright ideas and lightens your mood. The appetite-inducing impact of African Transkei combats nausea and appetite loss related to the treatment regimen in cancer patients. This Marijuana also has a profound anti-inflammatory effect that helps reduce the symptoms of chronic inflammatory diseases such as arthritis. African Transkei is a perfect muscle relaxant and pain reliever, making it suitable for people with muscle spasms, migraines, and backaches.

Side Effects

SAT causes minimal or no adverse effects when you consume the right quantity. This strain commonly causes thirsty, mouth, and eye dryness. Ease these symptoms by taking adequate water within the smoking period. Smoke in an open area to minimize the contact between your eyes and the smoke. An overshot of this Kush can cause a headache, paranoia, and anxiety. Ensure you do not exceed your tolerance limits to prevent the adverse effect of this strain.


We recommend starting at the medium experience level if you have not tried them before, as the visuals can be quite intense and harder to handle for inexperienced users. Set and setting are extremely important for a positive experience. We also highly encourage people to have a guide or sitter if they are new to psychedelics.

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8 reviews for African Transkei

  1. Scofield

    I did 4 g in a tea and got a few visuals, nothing too intense. These mushrooms Give me the warm fuzzies. I would definitely purchase again! I didn’t get gut rot, but I seldom do.

  2. Aerogen

    I have to say there pretty good fairly potent 😉

  3. Static

    Took a full quarter and wow best trip by far hands down! If you wanna laugh you laugh, if you wanna zone out and get lost in your thoughts thats there too! Also great visuals

  4. Graham

    Ok. So this was my first time trying shrooms. I did 2.5g and omg so much fun!!! I went through so many different phases of awesome and laughed into another world for about 3 hours!! I dont handle THC (get paranoid) so I found my alternative. For sure 100% reccomend!! But make sure you have a scale 😁

  5. Jason

    Very potent!! Me and a friend tried .5 each and felt like a strong 1.5 trip 🙂

  6. Elton

    light stems, darker at base, golden orange caps. it was a great evening but the afterglow is what i’m really benefiting from here. mood is improved and have been eating more wholesome food. when the time is right i will start a micro dose because i see no hazards. great medecine

  7. David

    Great product and fast shipment ! I’ve decided to stay loyal to herb approach after they refunded me a good amount of points for a very disappointing and delayed shipment of Mexican cubenis. used the points towards purchasing blue meanies and am far from disappointed now! 2 Gram teabags does a good job.

  8. Fireboy

    Ooowwweeee…these are amazing ! I was a little sceptical getting mushrooms online. Although I don’t know why because I have yet to be disappointed with the bud from here. If you want shrooms with a potent lasting high then don’t hesitate with these. Simply amazing .

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