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– Storage for papers + Alpha-cat rolling papers
– Storage for filters+alpha-cat filters
– Turbo torch lighter
– Storage for 3 pre-rolled
– Storage for herb
– Grinder
– Glass downstem
– Downstem cleaner
– Portable water pipe

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Buy Alpha Puff Kit | Alpha Puff Kit For Sale

Buy Alpha Puff Kit | Alpha Puff Kit For Sale | Alpha Puff Kit EU | Buy Alpha Cat Puff Kit | Alpha Cat Puff Kit For Sale

Buy Alpha Puff Kit from Alpha Cat is the all in one product for all your smoking needs. The kit comes complete with a grinder, a portable water pipe and a cleaning tool, storage compartments for your rolling cones, filters, papers and aromatic material. In addition, in order to maximize the kit to the fullest, it also includes Turbo Torch lighter!  It’s the perfect travel companion for all your needs.

What is Alpha Puff Kit EU?

The Puff Kit from Alpha Cat is for the kind of person that likes to say “gimme the works!“. Cause this thing’s got it all.

The Alpha Cat Puff Kit is loaded with everything you need for smoking on the go!The all-in-one Alpha Puff Kit packs a whole bunch of features into a sleek package to make sure you’ve got everything you could possibly need for a wide variety of smoking situations. A grinder, a portable water pipe, storage compartments for cones, papers, filters and herb, a cleaning tool…and a torch lighter! It’s like the Swiss Army knife of weed. So much so that it’s now standard army issue in Switzerland*

Storage for papers and Alpha Cat rolling papers
Storage for filters and Alpha Cat filters
Turbo torch lighter
Storage for 3 pre-rolled items
Storage for legal dry herb
Glass downstem
Downstem cleaner
Portable waterpipe

Pour some water in and attach the glass downstem and mouthpiece and you’ve transformed the Alpha Puff EU into a full-fledged bubbler! And its polycarbonate body breaks down for easy cleaning.

Buy Alpha Puff Kit All-in-One Smoking Kit

Those clever guys at Alpha-Cat Labs have come up with one of the most useful and innovative smoking solutions that we have seen in a very long time. Every smoker’s dream has come true with the Alpha Puff Kit, an all-in-one solution that will give you everything you need in one simple tube. If the transformers were smokers, this would be what they would be using without a shadow of a doubt.

Alpha Puff Kit for Sale All-in-One Smoking Kit – Compact Design

When all put away the whole package is 2 inches wide and just under 10 inches long but it packs one hell of a punch when all assembled and ready to go. The first part to unscrew from the base of the tube is the two-part grinder which has a total of 69 teeth ready and waiting to tear your dry herbs up into a fine consistency which is perfect for rolling. You don’t have to worry about losing either part of the grinder thanks to the incredibly strong magnets holding the two halves together. The next part you remove is actually your storage pot which will allow you to store 1-2 grams of material in there ready to go so you don’t have to worry about forgetting your stash!

Buy Alpha Cat Puff All-in-One Smoking Kit – Ready to go

The next piece you remove is the top cap and this releases the slides which hold your king size slim papers, filter tips and the refillable wind-proof torch lighter that will never fail you no matter what conditions you are trying to light up in. They include a pack of Alpha Cat King Size Slim papers and Alpha Cat filter tips to get you going. Removing the cap also reveals the three little slots in which you can store a trio of pre-rolled joints ready to go.

Alpha Cat Puff For Sale All-in-One Smoking Kit – Assembly

Once all that is removed, what you have left now is all the components of the bong itself. You simply disassemble the tube’s remaining components completely and then reassemble them in the correct order and within 30 seconds you have gone from a sealed tube to a fully functioning bong with all the bits and pieces that you need for a great session, plus a cleaning brush to keep the glass parts of the bong nice and clean.

Where to Buy Alpha Puff Kit EU?

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3 reviews for Alpha Puff Kit

  1. Elvis

    Being on the go all the time is stressful, so I like to make sure that I can have something to smoke out of with me. This helped me consolidate everything I need into one convenient case. This was definitely worth it.

  2. Adaline

    Gotta love this Kit. It has everything you need to have a good time all packed into one container. I bought for camping and hiking and this kit is the ultimate in convenience. Definitely recommend!

  3. Rothmans

    Great choice for smoking in woods or while traveling

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